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Welcome Autocamper!

  1. First, choose your arrival date and afterwards your departure date in the calendar at the top. You do this by clicking the two dates in the calendar. 
  2. Now press “pay now” and remember to put in your license plate under “Identification” at the next page.

The autocamper fee at Strib Harbour is 150 kr. pr. day. Please notice that HarBoss does not charge you anything for the booking.

Disposal place
Find electricity
All relevant information, such as wifi code, toilet code and receipt, will be sent to you by mail.

With a beautiful view to the historical Strib Lighthouse and the new ‘Lillebæltsbro’, Strib Harbour is the perfect stop for nature experiences, fishing and water activities.
Strib was from 1651 an important spot for Ferry’s and was an essential spot between the different parts of Denmark.
Today Strib Harbour is a modern harbour with two parts, where you can still see the contours from the old ferry harbour. Here’s great toilet and showering facilities, and both water and electricity is included in the harbour fee. 

Strib Harbour


Washing machine
Restroom and Showers can be found in the black building at South Harbour
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Strib Harbour is under the rules of normal engagement for Harbours.

If you’d like to know more about this, or read more in to the rules of Strib Harbour, you can read more by clicking the button below.
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